As you suffer this heartbreaking loss, please know you are not alone.

  • Ten to twenty-five percent of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage.
  • “Chemical” pregnancies (those ending in very early miscarriage, usually before 3–5 weeks of gestation) account for 50–75% of all miscarriages.
  • One in every 150 pregnancies ends in stillbirth.

Support Group

The Heaven's Hands ministry offers a six-week co-ed support group on Monday evenings at Crossroads Community Church in Kokomo.


A group of parents suffering past and recent pregnancy losses discovered the need in the Kokomo area for a ministry that could reach out to those facing similar circumstances. They formed Heaven’s Hands in an effort to connect with other parents and offer them the hope and love that is so desperately crucial during this, one of life’s most difficult journeys.


Loss is not only painful, but can also be lonely. Finding others who can love you, walk beside you, and be present in your grief is one of the most fruitful actions you might take. Look for someone who cares about you, who is safe, and whom you can trust to walk through this pain with you, even at the darkest points.