The loss of a child before birth is an indescribable pain that leaves a void forever.

From the moment of conception, your child was special and his or her purpose on this earth was planned. To lose your baby before having the opportunity to hold or kiss this little blessing is devastating and life changing. If you have experienced this tragedy, you have already begun walking your journey through your life that follows. It is a bumpy road and much emotion lies ahead of you.

The mentors that represent Heaven’s Hands have walked in your steps and do strongly understand the grief and loneliness that you may feel. It is most important that you know you are not alone in your feelings or in your loss; we understand that you may need help sorting through and picking up the pieces. You deserve to be heard, or to listen, or simply to have a friend hold your hand and cry with you. We want to walk alongside you to offer whatever you may need in the days ahead.

What to do after a loss

  1. Please grieve. You will have to grieve at some point, so let yourself grieve now.
  2. Keep in mind that your journey is just that…your journey, not anyone else's. Remember you have to grieve in the way that best fits you, so don't let anyone tell you how you should be grieving.
  3. Do something tangible to honor your baby. If it "fits" you, pick a memorial spot where you can retreat to in order to mourn yet celebrate your baby's life. If you have any ultrasound pictures, frame them. Plant a baby rose bush as a way to remember your baby in years to come. Buy a teddy bear or something to hug and hold when your arms feel exceptionally empty.

Heaven’s Hands Mentors

  • You are not alone in your grief of pregnancy loss. So many people have walked in your shoes or are still walking a similar journey. Many of them have joined Heaven’s Hands and want to help you.
  • Heaven’s Hands mentors have experienced loss during pregnancy and have collaborated to form this ministry due to the lack of resources that exist for the very great need among parents that have suffered loss. They seek to help parents in all stages of life after a loss.


  1. I Will Carry You by Angie Smith
  2. Empty Arms by Pam Vredevelt
  3. Grieving the Child I Never Knew by Kathe Wunnenberg
  4. Safe in the Arms of God by John MacArthur
  5. Gone but Not Lost by David Wiersbe
  6. Website: Unspoken Grief
  7. Website: Silent Grief