Loss is not only painful, but can also be lonely. Finding others who can love you, walk beside you, and be present in your grief is one of the most fruitful actions you might take. Look for someone who cares about you, who is safe, and whom you can trust to walk through this pain with you, even at the darkest points.

Others help us heal more fully than we can heal on our own. Family, friends, mentors, or groups are great places to look. Counseling can be a helpful addition to these relationships, especially when grief becomes overwhelming to the degree that your functioning at work or at home is affected. In some cases grief can trigger a depressive or anxious episode adding weight to the already heavy grief. We partner with counselors who are warm, safe, and effective in helping people navigate the issues surrounding grief and loss. Familiar with the process of healing, our counseling partners are supportive and encouraging in these dark times.

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