Struggling with Loss

Heaven's Hands is a ministry to meet people where they are in dealing with pregnancy loss. This ministry was created by a group of parents who have all experienced the death of a child. It is our goal to help you find healing in this painful time of grief.

Regardless of how long your pregnancy lasted, we recognize the importance of your baby’s life. Caring women and men would love to help you get through this troubling season of your life by praying with you, sharing their own stories, and extending an invitation to honor your baby at the Heaven’s Hands Memory Garden, on the campus of Crossroads Community Church in Kokomo, Indiana. Our desire is to give help, hope, and lasting support to you who are struggling with miscarriage or stillbirth by providing:

  • a mentor who has “been there” to walk beside you from the beginning and other support and advice as desired,
  • a support group providing a safe place to share your story and learn from the experiences of others,
  • a place to commemorate and honor the life of your baby, and
  • a commitment to assist you in any way possible throughout your grieving journey.